Maxon Comic Twin Marker

The watercolor like

Some facts:

  • Have a brush nib and a fine nib
  • 144 colors
  • Have a blender
  • Made in Japan by Maxon
Maxon Comic Twin 

This marker is not easy to find in Europe. My first Maxon Comic Marker was a gift and bought in Japan. But I only got a set of twelve and it is very difficult to get a real understanding for a marker with so few. So I searched the Internet after places to buy more and found one (and only one). It's an Italian store called that had them on sail. By the way, this is a very good store and they are very friendly and generous.

Set of 72 case  
Set of 144

I have already written about another marker from Maxon. But this one is very different. Its ink has a feel and a look as if it was water based. Even its barrel has a look that's make you think about watercolor, since parts of the barrel are turquoise and transparent. It is also very easy to get a watercolor look. I think it is very difficult and unfair to compare this marker to others since it work so different. This marker doesn’t do its best work trying to draw lots of detail and in a very realistic manner (even if it can do that too), this marker show its best side when sketching and letting its watercolor feel shine. For me, who draw a lot with markers, this is so exiting to have a marker that give me this new possible and challenge. It’s difficult to do larger drawings, mostly because it doesn't have a chisel nib, but also because the colors don’t cover large area well.

A bit more detalj drawing with Maxon Comic Twin 

All of Maxon comics color

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  1. Thats great you posted the color chart!! I have been following you for years and its great to see the color chart.

    1. It makes me so happy to hear that you have followed my blog! I put a lot of work into the blog so to hear that it is appreciated makes me so happy. Have you tried Maxon Comics?