Poison Graphic Twin Nib Marker

Some facts:
  • 124 colors including a blender
  • Made in Cyprus   
  • Two nibs, one chisel (7 mm) and one fine (1 mm)
  • 4poison.blogspot.com
To the left: Mepxy brush marker, next to it Alpha brush marker.
After that Alpha  Design Marker and to the right Poison. 
The old poison
I have only six of these old markers so I can´t do much testing or drawing. But I had to buy some since they do look exactly the same as both Mepxy and Alpha. Poison marker may have the barrel in common with the other markers but they don't use the same font and they don´t have the same case. They only have the grey barrel with a chisel nib and a fine nib (not the white with a brush nib). If you compare the color chart of Mepxy and Alpha you can see some similarities but Poison do not follow that. Instead Poison follows a color chart system that is more or less exactly the same as the one that Touch and On-The-Run use. An example of that is that all three uses number 2 for a color called “Old Red”, number 7 are “Cosmos”, number 24 are “Marigold” and so on.

Of the six markers I have, four of them feel dry. Bad luck, or? They don´t seem to have any skin colors at all so this is not a marker for me.  
The new Poison 
The new poison
The case I received with the markers

The new generation of Poison where released in late 2013. They only had 60 colors at that time. I received my markers in a case that had place for twice as many but it turned out that the reason they didn't fill the case where that you can not close the case if you totally fill it with markers, it is to small. I guess the case was never meant for the new poison markers. 


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  1. Hi sorry I cant see where to contact you because its all in a foreign language, but I want to suggest a theory about these markers; The Poison colour chart matches with Shinhan Touch Twin markers, I think the similarities between Alpha Markers, Mexpy Markers and these Poisons extend further to the 2nd Gen Touch Twins as well as Spectrum Noir, the mid sections of the markers all appear identical with a bit of a mix match on the caps they probably are exactly the same besides the branding and slight packaging differences?
    Anyway really great blog ! Have you tried Marvy T8? you could find them here if your curios: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Marvy-120-double-slider-oil-based-marker-pen/1020348128.html

  2. Hi coenraad! Thank you for your information, that’s very interesting. I didn´t know that spectrum noir had looked like that (I only have generation two and three). I do however believe that the marker with this look called touch is not the shihan original, but I do not know that for sure. I know about aliexpress, but never heard about Marvy T8. Do you use them? Are they any good? I also found a German marker called rotbart Delta with the same number system. They also look like the new generation of Poison marker. I visited your blog and saw your very nice drawings! May I ask what marker you used?

  3. Hi well looking at your review of your spectrums this common shape appears the same as the older ones you have. Have you perhaps had all of these markers next to each other? Its interesting to see your ratings for all these are so close to each other, bar the Shinhans. About the 'touch' markers, you're right there are so called 'fakes'. Apart from the printing on them, do they look different to you than the 2nd gen Shinhans? I've actually recently ordered 30 of them to try out because I've been talking to a guy and well I'll leave it in quotations: "it is true that they're not legitimate. Basically, what happened to the company is that they used to make the 2nd gen markers in a certain factory, and then Shinhan pulled out, and started manufacturing the 3rd gen in a different factory. But the factory that made the 2nd gen continued to manufacture the 2nd gen markers both under the Shinhan name, and under the Spectrum Noir name. You can research them too, they're basically the exact same markers." I've also seen in an online demo that they perform similarly so I thought l'll definitely want to buy some because they are so cheap and there's a good chance that they are exactly the same as the expensive legitimate ones! I'll let you know once I receive them! And interesting about the Rotbart Delta.. Oh my blog haha I'm just a beginner so long way to go but thanks! I just used Copic C1, C4 and BG15 only markers I have so far so cant wait for those 'Touch' markers to arrive! So no I haven't tried Marvy T8's but I know they are made by Marvy Uchidas' sister company in Japan, according to Marvy Uchidas' Facebook page.

  4. Oh yes, the older spectrum noir is very similar but they differ a bit in size and do not have the pattern on the cap. It is so interesting information you had for me, thank you! I must know your thought about them. Also the Marvy T8 look at least at the picture a lot like the Maxon Marker.

  5. As far as I can tell with my limited experience, theses 'fake' touch markers are an absolute bargain being 6 times cheaper than copics. Besides one of them being almost completely dry and another maybe halfway dry, the rest draw fantastic and juicy, I compared the strokes with that of copics and you can't tell them apart, the touch 'Prussian blue' stroke is identical to the colour of the Copic 'Prussian blue'. The touch markers warm greys however are very different and the gradation from W1 to W5 is irregular, but it doesn't bother me. I've just ordered another 30. The build quality of them can be a bit shocking with deformed body and all of them are printed on skew and such, but its irrelevant for a student like me. Also half of them are printed like the 2nd gen touch markers (with made in korea on the back sticker) and the other are printed with touch liiit (with made in china sticker) but they perform the same not too worried about that, in fact I believe all the ink is the same and the chinese import this. Other advertisements of these 'Touch' markers (there are a few variations) such as one which has a body just like poison graphic but Touch four or something graphics printed on have the same colour chart and price range and one of them stated the ink is imported this to me confirms what that guy told me about the factory etc

  6. Thank you Coenraad for your indept analysis of these markers. That was really interesting to read. They may be my next buy.