Alpha Design marker

Some facts:

They have two options:
The gray marker called “Design marker” with a chisel nib and a fine nib,
The white marker called “Brush marker” with a chisel nib and a brush nib.

To the left: Alpha Design marker 
and to the right: Alpha brush marker
Plagiarism or original?
The similarity to Mepxy markers is striking. But I guess this is the original since the company existed since the 60´s? If anyone knows more about this, please tell me.

Alpha and Mepxy

The ink and colors 
Alphas black marker is a true deep black
Some colors can be a little bit grainy on some paper, but most of them are not. The have good blending abilities and beautiful, vibrant colors. I always look at a markers black to get an idea of the quality of the ink. Alphas black is a true, deep black. They could have a bit more light colors though. If you put a lighter color on top of a darker it will push away the darker color on some paper. 

Problem nr 1
A huge problem is that, over time almost all my warm gray and some of my cool gray have changed to a almost brownish, yellow toned color. It happen in the barrel. So ones I have used the pen for a drawing the ink in the drawing isn´t changing (as long as they are not exposed to the sun of course). I can not se any other changes in my Alpha collection so far, I hope it stay that way. 

To the left is a color sample of Alpha from 2012, to the right is how my grays look 2016

I have a beautiful case for my alpha markers, with a magnetic lock and room for 60 colors. I also have a bag, which you can see in the picture.
 A small bag for Alpha
Alpha Brush Marker case 

The color system 
They have an easy to understand color system. The colors are divided in six family colors and three gray scales. They offer cool, warm and toner gray. The gray goes from number 1-9 in a value scale but they become very dark too soon. The six last grays are too close in hue and are almost black. Also the gray scale is not completely accurate in hue. 

The other color family are red, yellow, green, blue, violet and brown (W). For having "only" 144 colors they have a lot of aqua colors. Except for numbers they also have names on their markers, names that's are more or less mandatory and very classic like “Crimson” or “Viridian”, or the names are related to each other like “Aqua”, “Fair aqua”, “Aqua sky”, “Pale aqua” and “Dark aqua”. With other words, they do not have imaginative names, but you know what you get.

Alpha marker drawing
Problem nr 2
I have had quite many of the brush markers (the white one) that dried out, but that have never happened to the gray one (the design marker, with chisel and fine nib), which is strange because the barrel looks the same.

Drawing made with Alpha brush marker 
and Faber-Castell color pencils  
Drawing made with Alpha markers 

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