Daylight test

Three years ago (jan 2012) I cut this marker drawing into three pieces and hung one of them on my wall, next to a window, and another one direct in the window (the window faces north) and finally the third piece was placed in a dark bookshelf.

Originally the same blue color

I should have done this different. I should have made a color chart instead, but at the time I only wanted to know how much a marker drawing was going to alter when exposed to light. So I took a drawing I was unpleased with and cut it into pieces.

The larger piece to the left is the one that the sun never reached, the upper part at the right is the one that hung at the side of the window and the lower part is the one that was in direct sunlight.

The part of the drawing that is most interesting is the one that hung on the wall. That one is the drawing that shows what will happen to a drawing that you place on a wall. It has changed in color, but not as dramatic as the one that faced direct sunlight. The blue background has lightened some, but the most tangible is the red-pinkish colors on the skin that has started to fade; the color in the face has now a more yellowish color left. The difference is not huge between the two parts, but absolutely visible.