Winsor and Newton Promarker and Brushmarker

Some facts:
  • Used to be a Letraset product
  • Promarker have a chisel nib on one side and a fine (bullet) nib on the other.
  • Brushmarker has a chisel nib and a brush nib
  • They uses the HSL color system as well as names on their markers
  • Promarker 148 colors
  • Brushmarker 72 colors
  • If you want to maximize the colors and don´t mind using both markers you can get a total of 159 colors, since there is eleven new colors in the Brushmarker line that does not exist in the Promarker line. 

Promarker and brushmarker 

The year of 2015 Winsor and Newton took over Promarker from Letraset. There are no big changes except for a small makeover. The barrel looks the same, but are a little bit different. When Letraset made Promarker you could buy a third, ultrafine nib, which will fit on the fine nib, this nib however, while not fit on the Winsor and Newton promarker. Winsor and Newton do not offer this nib, so far. 

Winsor and Newton Brushmarker

I think that the ink is the best of all markers I have tried so far. It is the same ink that Letraset used for their markers. The ink blends very well and becomes very even and solid. 

I have never had any problems with the promarkers drying (which the Triamarker  and Flexmarker could do). They are always juicy and seems to last very long. 

Winsor and Newton promarker in the
same plastic case as Letraset use to have 
Promarker has (as well as Letrasets markers) the most complete color system (HSL) of all brands. You can see the color family (its represent by a letter), you have a number telling you the hue of the color, for example a yellow can be drawn to orange or to green, the higher the number the more green the yellow color will be and the lower the number the more orange the color will be. If the color has the number 5 (which is in the middle) it is the most pure yellow you can get. Next number will tell you how clean the color is. If it is a high number it means it is a very clear (saturated) color and if it is a low number it means it is more greyish. The last digit tells you if it is light or dark. Promarker and Brushmarker also have names on their colors.


72 colors for brushmarker and 148 colors for the promarker are not that much, but it is always about which colors they offer. Sometimes you can get more colors in other brands but they are too similar to be useful. Promarkers offers (in my opinion) a good variety. The colors are distinctly different from each other (except for some red colors that looks the same). They offer many good skin colors for white skin as well as brown skin. Also, the brush marker have some colors that the promarkers do not have and vice verse. But I do miss a lot of colors from back when they were Letraset and had more then 300 colors in the tria set. 

Promarker set 1
The grey colors are availably in three different shades to choose between. Warm grey, which lean to a brownish color, ice grey is a colder grey and cool grey, which is in the middle. The best thing with their greys is that it doesn't become to dark to soon. Only the last numbers becomes really dark. 

The brushmarker is something I been waiting for! For me, (as I have said) the promarker has among the best ink of all markers I have tried. To have a good brush instead of the fine nib (which I never use) is like a dream. Letraset tried but never really got it right with a brush nib. This one is perfect. Very flexible but don´t feel brittle.

Promarker color
Promarker color

Brush marker color

4 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for all the reviews.
    On which paper did you test these markers ?
    Daler Rowney Marker paper pad ?
    Or Winsor & Newton Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad (Gummed) ?


    1. Hi Robert, and thank you for reading my blog! I have pretty much used all papers (especially for the promarkers) that I have a review of on the blogg. But I have a longer relationship with Daler Rowney (they been around longer) then the Winsor & Newton. However, I haven´t tested the Winsor & Newton markerpaper made for their pigment-marker if that what you have in mind?

  2. Hi my promarkers had dried after the use of 2 months can you suggest me sometime or I had to buy new ones?

    1. I think it is best to buy a new one even though you can get out a little more of your marker by adding some alcohol to it, but the color will become paler and the marker will be a bit wetter. Hope that helped.