Other markers

Except for the markers that I have written about there are more markers that I haven’t tried out, but know about. There are different reasons why I haven’t bought them.
  • Some are difficult to buy from where I live, for an example Utrecht that won´t ship to Europe.  
  • Others are not produced anymore and therefore something I don´t have, but read about like the Yoken and Design art marker.
  • Some markers just seemed so bad that I refused to buy them; I read about Ironlak strikers that dry out in so many different places that I just didn't want to spend money on them. I became especially suspicious when one of the stores that sells them (I believe it was 33third.com but not sure) sold them for half the price because some of them where dried out.
  • Others I hesitate to buy because they seem to lack skin colors and that is an issue for me. For an example when studying the color chart of STA Art marker they had the same color chart numbers as Touch marker (and many more) so I knew that they lack skin colors.

Action shop twinmarkers, have a chisel tip and a fine tip. Comes in set of 12 and each set has only one color family so you need to buy more then one set if you not contempt with only owning blues or greens. 

Artify premium Art Markers (a chisel and a fine nib)

Art-n-Fly Alcohol Markers (have the ordinary chisel and a fine nib, but have a nice and different design, new 2016?))  

Bianyo marker is a chisel tip and a fine tip twinmarker from ali express. 

BIC (after what I have seen on you tube they lack skin colors)

Bishi alcohol marker (looks like so many others, among them Molotow. I only seen them on EBay)

Boldmere markers 

Chameleon marker (new for 2014, but they are not regularly markers, you loose control since the color is changing) 

Close to my heart (markers design to crafters, sold in sets)

Colorit (Have a chisel nib and a bullet nib, you get a really nice case for them, new for 2016?)

Colorona alcohol based 

#coloring (I saw them on You tube, they have a fine and a brush nib and where bought from Michaels)

Comic Graphic Marker (they only sell one set of 12, its just to few)

Concept Dual Tip Markers (new for the year of 2016?)

Conda Twin-Tip marker (only Hobbylobby?)

Dainayw Dual Tip (two options   a brushnib and a chisel nib or a fine nib and a chisel nib, new for 2017?) 

Design art marker (don´t think you can buy these nowadays)

Dual-tip artist´s markers Brush and fine (Barnes & Nobles)

Huhuhero markers (I haven´t seen them before 2017, have a fine nib and a chisel nib)

Master art marker (only seen one photo of this markers, but they look like so many others, among them Molotow) and they are not the same as Master Marker.

Marvy T-8

Mirage Alcohol Ink Marker/Twin Tip Marker Pens (120 colors), Available on Ebay. 

Molotow Grafx (the precursor to the molotow markers that is available now)  

Nuvo Creative Pens , from Tonic Studios (comes in sets of three, dark, middle and light valued of the same color) They have a chisel and a bullet nib. New for 2015, I believe. There are 36 colors available. 

Ohuhu marker (have a chisel tip and a fine tip) 

Pen Art Marker (in a set of 12 marker, have a chisel and a bullet nib) Have the ordinary barrel you find in so many brands, like the Molotow markers) 

Potentate marker (again: looks like so many others, among them Molotow)

Sanfo color, dual-end art marker, fine and chisel tip, new for 2017? Not sure they are alcohol markers. 

Sharpie (not sure they should be on this list)

STA art marker (looks like so many others, among them Poison) but this I believe are from ZIG

Stampin´up blendabilities (look so cheap) 

Studio 71 alcohol-based dual tip 48? colors. They have a brush nib and a chisel nib. So far they do not ship to Sweden (were I live) :( 
They look very much like the Art-n-fly. New 2017

Tiger (have a chisel nib and a bullet nib) 

Toki twin-tip marker (have a chisel tip and a fine tip. According to Graff-city meant for students and beginners) 

Twin-Graffix Marker/ Monstercolor (looks like so many others, among them Molotow) they are still possible to purchase

Utrecht design marker (look really nice, but are not available in Europe)

Yoken (don´t think you can buy these nowadays)

Yosoo with a broad and fine tip, comes in a black bag. Offer 40, 60 or 80 assorted colors. Everything about this markers feels like something you buy from aliexpress. New for 2017? 

Yalulu Black Graphic Marker, comes in a black bag. Offer 40, 60 or 80 assorted colors. Everything about this markers feels like something you buy from aliexpress. New for 2017? 

DB-twin which is a Italien brand 



Graphmaster case 
I found this marker on German EBay after I bought the Delta marker (also bought from the German EBay). The set I bought offered a good variety of colors (some good skin colors). All colors have one or two matching colors to blend with. The grays are following a hue as well as a value (so many greys can change in hue and therefore are not the perfect blend). Graphmasters are, however, quite difficult to blend properly when trying to do larger drawings, but do better on smaller drawings. 

The colors
Except for all standard colors and some good caucasian skin colors they also have many grays. They have four different grays, warm gray and cool gray in ten values (0,5-9), green gray and blue gray in five values (1,3,5,7,9), a black and a blender. 

If you want to read more about graphmaster you will find more information under the Rotbart Delta marker chapter.

Drawing made with Graphmaster

The Rotbart Delta marker

Some facts: 

  • German marker 
  • 120 colors 
  • They have a chisel nib and a fine nib
  • They are made buy Rotbart 
  • http://rotb-art.derotb-art.de

Rotbart Delta marker

Delta, Poison and Graphmaster
I have known about these markers for some time now but have not been ably to buy them until now (thanks to EBay). Once again I come across markers that look more or less exactly the same. The new generation of poison marker, Graphmaster and Delta shown below have not only a look-alike barrel but all three also uses the same number system as Touch marker and On-The-Run. The ink does not seem to be the same though. When I compare the colors they differ from each other (as you can see below).
Delta case
Except for the markers I have mention above, I have also seen two other that looks the same. STA art marker (which I have seen on Amazon and Jacksons art) but never bought since they lack skin colors according to the color chart. I also saw someone that had bought a marker in France called “créamarker” with the same look.

Comparing colors, namnes and numbers 

Drawing made with Delta marker,
I tried many portrait but failed  due to blending abilities

They don't blend perfect which is most obvious when trying to draw bigger pieces. On smaller drawings they do an ok job. The colors are bright but a bit grainy. 

I was in a wonderful art store in Munich where I found some early Rotbart marker and I just had to buy two. 

Old Rotbart Delta marker