Graphmaster case 
I found this marker on German EBay after I bought the Delta marker (also bought from the German EBay). The set I bought offered a good variety of colors (some good skin colors). All colors have one or two matching colors to blend with. The grays are following a hue as well as a value (so many greys can change in hue and therefore are not the perfect blend). Graphmasters are, however, quite difficult to blend properly when trying to do larger drawings, but do better on smaller drawings. 

The colors
Except for all standard colors and some good caucasian skin colors they also have many grays. They have four different grays, warm gray and cool gray in ten values (0,5-9), green gray and blue gray in five values (1,3,5,7,9), a black and a blender. 

If you want to read more about graphmaster you will find more information under the Rotbart Delta marker chapter.

Drawing made with Graphmaster

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