The Rotbart Delta marker

Some facts: 

  • German marker 
  • 120 colors 
  • They have a chisel nib and a fine nib
  • They are made buy Rotbart 

Rotbart Delta marker

Delta, Poison and Graphmaster
I have known about these markers for some time now but have not been ably to buy them until now (thanks to EBay). Once again I come across markers that look more or less exactly the same. The new generation of poison marker, Graphmaster and Delta shown below have not only a look-alike barrel but all three also uses the same number system as Touch marker and On-The-Run. The ink does not seem to be the same though. When I compare the colors they differ from each other (as you can see below).
Delta case
Except for the markers I have mention above, I have also seen two other that looks the same. STA art marker (which I have seen on Amazon and Jacksons art) but never bought since they lack skin colors according to the color chart. I also saw someone that had bought a marker in France called “créamarker” with the same look.

Comparing colors, namnes and numbers 

Drawing made with Delta marker,
I tried many portrait but failed  due to blending abilities

They don't blend perfect which is most obvious when trying to draw bigger pieces. On smaller drawings they do an ok job. The colors are bright but a bit grainy. 

I was in a wonderful art store in Munich where I found some early Rotbart marker and I just had to buy two. 

Old Rotbart Delta marker

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