Comparing markers and color pencils

A couple of years ago I read the book magic marker in which I learned that many artists use color pencil together with markers. I had, of course, used color pencils before (mostly as a child) but did not know their full potential. Since then I learned how I can blend them in a variety of ways that increase their looks, and how I can use them together with markers.

Markers and color pencils are in many ways the opposite of each other. Where markers lay down a flat surface, color pencils create a texture. Markers are transparent and color pencils are more (at least in comparison) opaque. In markers you do not have white, you have to use the papers white for that (or apply other mediums, such as a gel pen), color pencils have of course a white pencil. Normally you will be advised to work from light to dark in markers and from dark to light in colored pencils (even if many excellent artists don´t follow this). 

This adversely makes markers and color pencils the perfect match! 

Other differences between markers and color pencils: with markers you can work quite quickly while color pencils are known for being time consuming. In color pencils you may use different pressure but with markers there is never any reason for doing so. 

A drawing I made with markers and color pencils 
A drawing I made with colored
pencils first and then markers.

I used color pencils over a marker drawing, as you can se to the left. The color pencils added some fur and shine that the markers does not do that well. To the right a drawing where I worked the opposite way. I draw with colored pencils and blended (or rather melted) it together with markers.

A huge difference between markers and colored pencils are that you can use a variety of papers, especially colored papers with colored pencils. Markers can also be used on different papers but do their best work on smooth markerpaper. Also markers changes in colors depending on which paper you use and can bleed. The worst problems with paper that is not supposed for color pencils is that you might not be able to do many layer.   

Another difference is that you have more control with colored pencils compared to markers. Markers change value (and sometimes hue) when it dries, which colored pencils don´t do. Also markers can age, but I have never experience any changes in older colored pencils. 

Finally, and a very important differences are, that a marker drawing are never lighfast which colored pencils can be (if the right colored pencils and paper is used). 

Drawing on Strathmore toned paper with color pencils

Drawing made with color pencils on grey paper

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