Ironlak strikers

Some facts:

There are three choices: 
  • a chisel nib (8 mm) and a fine nib (1 mm) (called tri grips),
  • a chisel nib (6-8 mm) and a fine nib (1 mm) (called medium twin) 
  • a brush nib and a fine nib (1 mm) (called brush)
  • Have a blender
  • Made by Ironlak
  • 160 color in the tri grips variant, and 96 colors in brush and medium twin.
  • Sells only in sets (the tri grip is sold in set of 20, and the two other is sold in sets of 24)
The marker used to have a bad reputation, which made me hesitate to buy them. All over the Internet the same story was told: they dried out bad. I actually took contact with the company who confirmed the rumors but assured me that the problem they experienced with the caps not closing where gone with the new design. However, one of my brush nibs that I bought (of the new design strikers) where dried out. After a year several more have followed the same fate. 
Ironlak Strikers, two types 
All three have a fine nib, to the right the tri grip

The "new" Ironlak Strikers comes in two different types: tri-grip is an triangular marker and has a matte finish. It is a bit bigger. They sell them in a black wallet in sets of 20 and have a own number system for the colors. It has a large chisel nib on one end and a fine nib on the other.

The other one is round and shiny and smaller then the trip-grip.They sell these ones in plastic cases in sets of 24. They come in two types. Either you get a chisel and fine nib one or a brush and fine nib.
A twenty set of chisel nib strikers (tri-grip)
The chisel nib is larger (6 mm) on the trip-grip then on the other one. 

A twenty-four set of brush nibs Strikers
The brush nib is very soft. However a bit dry and difficult to work on larger areas. Put together with the fine nib, this marker is not suitable for anything other than quite small drawings. 

The colors I have are all in about the same value. A couple of darker (especially the greys) and some few lighter. A lot of them are also very similar to each other. I have at least five orange that are more or less the same and two-three slightly darker and some slightly lighter. That is just a vast. Of course, I do not own them all.

A letter describes the colors, that is telling you the color family. They seem to have eleven family groups. The trip-grip and the other marker they have uses different number system for the markers. They have no names for their markers, just a number that does not seem to mean anything.

The colors that I have and some color swatches

On the case of the brush nib sets, it says that they are refillable but I cannot find any information that confirmed that on the Internet.