Touch Twin Marker

Some facts:

Two markers available: 
  • a chisel nib and a fine nib (a black marker) 
  • a chisel nib and a brush (a white marker)

To the left the oldest Touch (I only have the white, brush marker), next to it the second generation (I only have a twin marker) and then the new ones: the white, with a brush nib and chisel nib and the black, with a fine nib and a chisel nib. 

The new Touch case for brush marker

The older Touch case (black for Touch Twin)

Drawing made with Touch 
on Daler Rowney marker paper 
Color system
Touch color system is not so impressive. When they came out with the new Touch marker (new design on the barrel and new logo) they also gave the former numbers a letter representing the color family. The numbers however are still meaningless. They also have names for their colors. The names and numbers correspond more or less exactly to the same as the names and numbers of the On The Run marker and the Poison.

Drawing made with Touch 

The colors
Touch have a lot of skin colors but they all tend to go to the yellowish side. I miss having a bit greyish or toned down skin color. The have four different grey: Warm, cool, green and blue grey. They follow a value scale and are quite accurate in that they keep the hue for them all. So many other markers can jump between different hue (and value). If you want a darker warm grey you can rely on that you will have that. Even though I think that from about number six to nine they look almost the same and are just to dark. 
They have ten warm and ten cool grey but only four of the green and blue grey. 

Touch replacement nibs
The brush nib is very good, it is soft but not to much and it is very easy to "flip" with Touch brush nib (flip meaning to create smooth transmission between two colors with a wrist movement) and the chisel nib is so smooth. The bullet, or fine nib (That you get on the black marker) is as any bullet nib. 

Touch refill

The ink
These markers have very good blending abilities and are very juicy. But since I first wrote about Touch (in 2013) I have discovered that a lot of my markers have over time changed color, or more precise, lost the pigment. All that is left is a light yellow tone and in some cases not even that (it turned into a blender). The markers are still juicy, but no colors is left. It happened to a lot of the skin-tones like YR133 and YR132 that went from being a lighter orange color to a very light yellow color. But also some other colors have changed, like GY236 that used to be green and now is yellow and Br107 used to be a sand color but is now also light yellow. All the warm grey has also changed to a warmer brownish color.

The trouble with Touchs colors
On the photo you can see how some of the colors look today (2016). The upper row is from the new generation of Touch, the middle row is the older generation (that also have changed but not as much) and the lower row display how the colors used to look when I first bought them. 

This means that they don´t change in a sketchbook. After applied on paper they still keep the pigment but something seems to have happened to the pigment in the barrel over time.  

Touch markers warm grey have change to almost a brown 

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  1. The only problem with Touch markers is that they solve the contourliners! Even Copic's Multiliner! Gotta be careful not to smudge the contours with em!

    Have ever tried the Ironlak Strikers? Interesting markers, a bit hard to get tho. I'd really like to see here what you think about them!


  2. Interesting about the outliners! I have to try that (should have done that for all markers come to think about it)! I really want to try the strikers, especially since they have new ones (and with brush nib none the less). I am going to London soon and hope finding them there! Have you tried them?

  3. No, I didn't yet, I definiately will! Good idea to test markers if they smudge the liners:)

    Really nice blog of yours! Loveit

  4. Thank you! It would be nice to hear about the Strikers when you try them!

  5. i like Touch markers more, than Copic

    1. I do too, except for the sort lifetime they have!