Stylefile Marker

The one with the beautiful colors

Some facts:

Have three different marker: 

  • a black one with a chisel nib and a fine nib 
  • a white one with a brush nib and a chisel nib 
  • a gray one with a pointy fine nib and a larger round nib 
  • 124 colors in the chisel and fine nib version 
  • 120 (availably in open stock) in the brush and chisel nib version. (+ some odd colors only availably in set)
  • Have a blender
  • Graffiti oriented 
  • German marker

From the left, the black one with a chisel nib,
in the middle, the gray one with a large round nib
to the right the white one with a chisel nib
From the left: the white one with a brush nib
in the middle the gray one with a pointy fine nib
and to the right the black one with a fine nib
Drawing made with Stylefile Marker
When I first came a cross this marker I though it was just one among many marker with the standard chisel nib on one end and a fine nib on the other. But then I tried it out and the beautiful, deep and rich colors amazed me. The colors are (mostly) very transparent which makes them look deep. Although they can get a bit grainy on some papers they always (at least on all paper I tried out so far) keeps the colors vibrant and deep. 2014 Stylefile increased their colors with more skin and blush colors (they didn't use to have much of that). They also introduced a brush nib variant. 
Stylefile brush marker

Stylefile 12 set

The new stylefile marker has a very nice brush nib. 

The set of 12 skin colors included some old colors, read already existent (but with a brush nib instead of a fine nib) and some totally new colors, which are most welcome. A bit strange is that the two colors I have used as a base for skin colors (nr 300 and 304) were not included.

 New colors are 104, 208, 308, 310, 400, 412, 852 in the skin color set, and in the brush nib set C there is one new color: 624

Portrait made with Stylefile Marker 
The greys are very distinctive from each other. The warm greys are truly warm and brownish; the cool greys have a clear blue feel (maybe a bit to blue). A problem in most of brands is that their grey scale becomes to dark to soon. This is true for Stylefile marker also. I don´t think you need so many darker greys since they darken for every time you layer them. The black marker is very uneven and becomes shiny. 

All of Stylefiles color

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