Marvy Le Plume

The softest one

Some facts:
  • They only have one nib, an ultra soft nib
  • 144 colors
  • Have a blender
  • Also have three opaque colors (white, gold and silver)  
  • Made in Japan by Marvy Uchida
  • They have two different kinds of Le Plume marker: one ordinary "brush" and one "fine brush"
Both marker side by side
Closer look at the brush nib 

Le Plume marker, one older an a newer one 

Le Plume Fine Brush

Drawing made with 
Marvy Le Plume marker 
This marker has wonderful blending abilities but the ink easily bleeds out and the edge becomes uneven. The brush nib is very soft and helps with the blending. The backside of a soft brush nib is that it is a bit harder to control and don´t go so smooth over the paper, it tends to get stock. Since Le Plume doesn´t have a chisel nib and the only nib they have is very soft, it is very difficult to cover larger areas. It is especially difficult if you want the color to be even.

Something that is a bit irritating is that on some of my Le Plume markers the color number only shows on the cap and not on the barrel. If you use more than one marker at one time it can be difficult to know which marker the cap belongs to. I put the wrong cap on the wrong marker all the time but when I do that on other brands I can easily discover my mistake.

Portait made with Le Plume marker 
Le Plume is noticeable among markers, because that they do not have a warm grey series. Instead they have greys called neutral, ash and cool. They don´t have much of a color system with only a letter telling you which color family it belongs to, but the three digits that follows are without any meaning. They also have names for their colors.  

Le Plume and Neopiko have some similarities. For an example, the names on the colors are often the same. Also something strange that they have in common is that if you use a lot of markers on a thinner marker paper (70-80 gsm) the paper will buckle. 

Le Plume caps falls of
This is one of my favorite markers mostly because it is so easy to blend. 

The fine brush Le Plume is very cute, but I am not sure what the thought behind making a smal brush is. A bit irritating is that the caps falls of very easy. That is not a huge problem since the barrel is labeled with the number and name of the color. 

All of Leplume colors

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