Neopiko - 2

Some facts:
Neopiko symbol
Neopiko -2
Neopiko refill
This marker has good blending abilities. But some times I think the result can become a bit blurry on some paper. Neopiko can also feel a bit dry which sometimes is a bad thing but sometimes you really can use it for smooth transmission.
A few colors can change hue when they dry. The coral pink is a strong pink color but looks more orange when it is wet. But this is not something unique for Neopiko, almost all brands I tried have the same problems with the same colors.

Neopiko color chart (144 colors)

Something that’s not that important but can be a bit irritating is how difficult it is to quickly determine what marker you grab. The number on the cap is just a number and do not follow any logic. They don´t even got a letter to tell which color family group it belongs to. The colors on the cap rarely reflect the actually color. 
Neopiko 36 case

When you use this marker on thin (70-80 gsm) marker paper, the paper will buckle (as you might se on the drawing here). The brush nib is really soft and nice, but a bit sensitive and can sometimes come off. I think that when you have read all this you might think I don´t care that much for this marker, but I do! I really love Neopiko. Sometimes I feel like the markers draw the picture for me. 

Drawing made with Neopiko 

I use an acrylic case with drawers from Muji to store
my markers, it turned out to fit perfectly. I have 144
Neopiko and eight drawers. 144 divided in eight is 18 and
in one drawer there is room for exactly 18! 

Drawing made with Neopiko -2

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