Graph´it Twin Tip

The newbie

Some facts:
  • Have a chisel nib and a fine nib
  • 176 colors
  • French marker
  • Have a blender
  • For crafters
  • Have replacement nibs and a brush nib option to buy separate

Graph´it marker

Graphit marker drawing
These markers have a color system that’s not, at first glance, easy to understand since they do not follow the traditional way of having the color family described by a letter. Instead they have chosen to let the first two digits do that. A bit tediously but it is an ok system when you get used to it. The last digits tell you how light and saturated the colors are. A color that ends with 10 is a lighter color and a color that end with 60 is far darker and saturated.  This system is not as refined as Copic’s and Winsor and Newtons brush- and promarker’s system, but it is at least better then most of the brands that don´t have more of a system then a color family. 
A set of 12 in a nice box 
Two different "roll and go"
specially design for Graph´it markers

A set of 24 in a nice case

Drawings made
with Graph´it marker 
The pen them self’s are easy to store since they have a triangular shape. They will stay put even if you store them on top of each other. The numbers on the cap are pretty large so they are easy to see. The cap also has a color sample that’s quite accurate, but this would never be important to me if the marker them self had a bad ink in them, but it is a bonus. 

All the grey colors that I have from Graph´it.
On top the Cool greys ( thats look very blue),
under that is the Green grey,
I only have two Pink grey
I have almost all Warm grey, note how different the hue looks
last is the Neutral grey 

The ink is easy to blend and gives good result. It can however bleed out a bit. 
Graph´it nib

They have a lot of skin tones and a lot of greys! No less then 40 markers that is grey. These 40 greys are divided into five different greys: the mandatory warm, cool and neutral grey but also green grey and something interesting and unique, a pink grey! The warm greys are very brownish and good for many things, the cool grey are more of a blue color than grey and the same goes for the green grey. A thing that I find a bit problematic is that they don´t follow a perfect color order. The lightest warm grey (number 0) is more yellow toned then the number one, and number one and two is not a perfect match either. The same goes for the cool greys. 

You can buy brush nibs separate and replace the chisel nib. However the brush nibs are incredible bad quality. They don´t last a half life time of the marker. 

I also like all the assessors that comes with these marker. You can choose between many different nice cases to store your markers. 

Graph´it colors

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