Mepxy Marker

Some facts:

They offer two options: 
  • One gray marker with a chisel nib and a fine nib called Design marker
  • And one white marker with a chisel nib and a brush nib called Brush marker.

Drawing made with 
Mepxy marker 

Mepxy brush marker

A plagiarism? 
Mepxy Marker looks exactly the same as Alpha Marker. Even the font is the same. Except for looking the same, they both got a so-called design marker with a chisel nib and a fine nib (which is gray) and a brush marker and a chisel nib (which is white) and they got very similar cases for the markers, and of course, they are both Korean.  

The nibs
Mepxy chisel nib
The brush nib has hold so far (I have had my markers for a couple of years), but the chisel nib seems more fragile and it does not help that the ink is prone to leaking. 

Mepxy chisel nib, from the side

The ink

These markers become very grainy on some paper (especially darker colors) but look very good on a bit thicker paper. The colors are rich, vibrant and beautiful (if the right paper is used). These markers can blend quite well. Some colors changes hue when they dries, especially pinkish toned color that look orange when they are wet. This is true for many other brands as well but something almost unique for Mepxy is that they are actually lighter when they are wet and becomes darker when they dry, it is usually the opposite!  

Problems over time
Mepxy have something in common with Touch and Alpha markers except for being from the same country. They change color in the barrel over time. My warm grays have become less gray and browner to yellowish brown in hue. However in a sketchbook the colors look the same from a couple of years back. 

Top row shows how the colors look today,
below is an old color sample of the same colors

The colors 
What I feel is a huge problem is that so many colors are either drawn to a yellowish tone or to a green tone. For example both warm grey (even before the change I am talking about above) and toner gray becomes greenish. 

The names
Some of the names are very different and a bit humorous like “acid yellow”, “banana crepe” and “chocolate chip”. These names are their own thing; it’s not a plagiary of Alpha (Alpha has quite boring names).

The colorsystem
They also have a color system. The digit stands for a color family: natural shades, wood shades (which is brown), red, magenta, violet, purple, blue, green, lime, yellow and orange. As you can see, they have quite many color family groups, and I really like that they include magenta (feel modern to do so) and that they have a violet and a purple (but I think the violet should be the more bluish colors and the purple the more reddish color). 

Some colors of the Mepxy marker

The low numbers are lighter colors,
and the higher numbers are darker

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