Uni Pericia Mitsubishi pencil

The pencil
The Japanese company also has another colored pencil named Polycolor. This is a review of the Pericia.
A Mitsubishi Pencil non the less
This is one of, if not the best one when it comes to reading abilities. The names are written quite large in white (non reflective) on a dark (brownish) color. The pencil is round and quite thick. They are oil-based, something not so common.

I love these pencils. They are among the softest pencils you can find.
They are an excellent choice if you want to draw on a colored paper. Even on black paper they give (depending on the pigment of course) opaque vibrant colors.  It is hard to find a more opaque pencil; even the yellow is opaque enough to cover an area on black paper without turning green.

Unique and creative
You can choose between two different kinds of boxes. I have one of them, (and crave the other). It not like other brand, where you choose a simpler one or a more luxurious one, they are simply two different ones. The one I have is a leather imitation in brown, the other option are a wood and metallic box.
Different and beautiful leather case for there 36 colors
They are not (at least not from Europe) available in open stock. You can however buy a smaller set of 12 or 24 (and of course 36).

Limited colors
Their larges set is 36, and that makes me so sad! With so few colors (I don't know of a smaller set of artist quality colored pencils) there will always be colors to miss, however, when I draw a drawing, and only use Pericia, I marvel over how well the set works. You have all the basic colors and it is easy to layer them to create the colors you might need.

Beautiful colors
I have done an own lightfastness test on the Pericia. CPSA has not tested Pericia (nor any other Japanese brands) so I am left with my own unprofessional test result. It was five colors that had lightfastness problems. The cobalt blue, gold ochre, brown ocher, apple green and brick red. Especially the brick red made me unhappy, because I love that color. 

More information about Unis lighfastness is available here: http://markersguild.blogspot.se/2015/08/lightfastness-for-colored-pencils.html 

Uni Pericia color chart

Uni Pericia Mitsubishi

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  1. Thanks for this review! How do these pencils compare to Luminance?

    1. I am happy you like the review! Luminance have of course the lightfastness going for them which Pericia don´t, but they are even softer then Luminance. Then again Pericia has so few colors available, Luminance has twice as much colors. But I love these pencils and highly recommend them if lightfastness isn´t to important.

    2. Thank you so much for replying to me! I have a gift card to a shop where these pencils are sold and was curious about them as I had never heard about them before. I work mostly on tan and darker papers so the fact that you mentioned how opaque they are really interests me. Thank you so much for all this information!