A general comparison between thin and thick marker paper

Thicker paper         100-250 gsm                Thinner paper                  45-90 gsm

The paper use more ink 
The paper use less ink
Front and back are the same on most thicker paper

Front and back are seldom the same; you can not use the back
Large value change, especially on dark and dull colors

Value change but not as much (dark colors looks darker on thin paper)
The time it takes for the ink to dry is normally quicker

The ink stays wheat longer (allowing you to blend wet in wet)
Easier to layer more (there is no problem to layer).  I have never experience the ink staying on the surface and creating puddle.

Will not take as many layers (to many layers will create problems). If you put down a lot of ink you may end up with a puddle.
Feathering and bleeding is less common on thicker paper

Feathering and bleeding occur more
Bleeds normally through to the next page
Are more often bleed proof; that is, it doesn´t bleed through to the next page
Colors can look milky on thicker paper

Very rare that colors look milky on thinner paper

I also found that if you work on a thin paper you might want to work fast, because your ink can create lines that are difficult to cover up when the ink has dried. On thicker paper however, it isn´t as sharp lines so you can take your time, and if you want, stop the drawing and continue later on.

All papers that I have reviewed in a glance: 

Conclusions of group one: Thin layout paper (45-65 gsm)


Letraset Layout paper
Borden & Riley  #125 marker paper
AMI Design-Block


Deleter Neopiko


Bienfang Graphic 360
Copic manga illustration paper
Strathmore Marker paper

Conclusions of group two: Thin layout paper (70-85 gsm)


Stylefile marker paper
Hahnemühle fine art manga paper
Letraset Bleedproof Marker pad
Clairefontaine paper
Schoellershammer Marker paper
London Graphic Centre Marker Paper
Daler Rowney Graphic Series Marker Paper
Shinhan Touch Marker Pad


Cass Art London Marker Paper
Copic My bleedproof Marker pad
Canson Marker paper
Magic Marker Bleedproof


Mont Marte Bleedproff Layout paper
Bienfang Young Artist marker paper
Graphics direct Marker paper
Frisk Graphic Art materials bleedproof Marker paper
Goldline Marker pad
Monochrome Crafts marker paper

Conclusions of group three: thick paper (110-120 gsm)


Hahnemühle manga illustration paper


Montana Marker paper
On the Run Marker pad
Stylefile Marker pad
Molotow marker pad


Conclusions of group four: Thick paper (170-250 gsm)


Strathmore 500 series Bristol Plate Surface
Canson Illustration
Neenah paper
Bee Paper Aquabee Manga Artist pad


X-press it blending card
Holtz Perfect Coloring Paper
Borden & Riley #234 Paris Bleedproof Paper


Malzeit Manga Skizzenblock (AMI)
Goldline Bristol Board

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