Bruynzeel Design

Bruynzeel Design

The pencils
This is a wax-based pencil from Holland (but are owned by Japanese Sakura). The pencil is round, very thin and feels almost fragile. The core is 3,7 mm.
They don't use names on the pencils, only numbers, and the numbers are very difficult to read. To separate if it is a 8 or 3 when written I reflective silver is hard. However, you are helped buy the broad color stripe on the end of the pencil that corresponded to the color as accurate as you can aspect.

They are not the softest pencils I use but in no sense the hardest ones either. Some are very soft (as an example number 50, which is a blue) and some are harder (as an example number 73, a grey). I have had some problems with the lead breaking.
They are quite transparent and are lacking covering power, so if you want to draw on colored paper this might not be the brand for you.

The colors
Bruynzeel has produced colored pencils for a long time. Earlier they had a larger set, but nowadays they are only available in 48 colors. Such a small set will always leave colors to desire. There are too many blue-purple colors compared to the amount of natural colors. There are no gold ochre but three yellow (the difference between number 21 and 25 is very subtle). I think some of the colors are unnecessary if you only have 48 colors.  For example number 16, 18, 22, 23 and 46 are four orange colors very close in hue. I would gladly change two or three of them to an umber and ochre. Of course, this only matters if you are only going to use this brand and not use other brands as well. 
                      My favorite pencil in this set is 09 a very good and important color for skin; but I also love number 81 which is a warm grey suitably for anything really. I don´t care for the white. It is very translucent and a bit too hard.

Cutest there is
Bruynzeel case 
They have a really cute box for their 48 set. It isn’t luxurious and beautiful as many of the other wooden boxes, but it has it own unique style. The box is made of thick Cardboard and has four drawers (if you buy the 48 set). I really appreciate how different it is compare to other brands. It really is the cutest box.
Bruynzeel case

The lightfastness
CPSA has done a lightfastness test on Bruynzeel Design, but that was the old set. I doubt that it is comparable with the new (more limited) set.  The old set doesn't even have the same numbers. I have done an own lightfastness test. It isn’t done professional of course, and my result should be taking with that in mind, but it can at least tell you what color that is not lightfast.
                      My testing result was quite good. There were 10 colors that had changes, the rest looked perfect. Of the ten only two had changed badly, the rest only slight changes. Here is the list of the colors that didn't make my testing.

No 77 (faded very much)
No 71 (faded very much)
Old pencil marked Bruynzeel Sakura and
newer one only marked Bruynzeel
No 75 (slightly changes)
No 70 (slightly changes)
No 36 (slightly changes)
No 31 (slightly changes)
No 23 (slightly changes)
No 18 (slightly changes)
No 16 (slightly changes, changed hue)
No 11 (slightly changes)

If you want to read about my lightfast test go here:

Bruynzeel color chart

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