Pantone Universe Twin Markers

Some facts:
  • Double ended marker, one brush nib and one bullet/fine nib
  • This is not the Letraset product, but Pantones own product
  • They have 150 colors
  • They use their own color system and have a name for each color
  • They don’t have a blender   
  • Made in Japan 

Pantone Universe Twin Marker

This is one of the worst markers I tried, but still: I am impressed by many things. The company are very innovative. When everyone else is following the same path, Pantone follows their own. For an example: they do not have a blender, they do not have the 1-10 cool greys and 1-10 warm greys. Whether or not that’s a good thing is another matter. For me, that´s not a good idea but I admire that they dare to think outside the box. Furthermore their barrels have a very different design and if you look at the barrel you will find the properties of the color. They also have very different names you won´t find elsewhere; names like “cat´s eyes” or “pretty in pink”. This marker is made with a lot of though behind it. 

Lavender pearl is magical wise and philosophical according to Pantone.
The barrel of Pantone Universe Twin Marker. 

So far it seems to bee a rather fine marker, but unfortunately that’s not the case. I only have thirteen colors and all of them felt more or less dry when I got them. But maybe it isn´t only the ink because the fine nib feels juicier than the brush nib does. With the fin nib it is however impossible to cover any area. To do a drawing with this pen is hopeless if you want to cover something with ink larger than a fingernail. In my drawings down below I choose a motif that didn’t need me to cover all space. Something else that is different with these markers is that they become a bit shiny on the surface when they dry and they feel almost oily. 

In this picture I cheated: Since the marker cannot cover an area because it is to dry I had to do a drawing that allowed me to not covering all space. Pantone marker on marker paper.  

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