Flame twin-marker

- A set with hues of black

Some facts:
  • Their slogan is: “Get Fame with Flame” (I guess they could work a little more with that)
  • Flame has, as so many markers design for graffiti-artists, a chisel nib and a fine nib.
Flame marker

This is a marker that I hesitate to judge; maybe I just had bad luck with them? I bought a twelve set grey markers but when I received them, two markers were totally dry and two were leaking badly! One tip was damaged and one cap broke later on.  

The colors in the set where all very dark, it seemed to be a lot of different blacks rather then a grey set. This and the fact that I do not have so many markers make it difficult to say how they really are. I do feel that they are difficult to blend and become very grainy, but as I said I can´t really tell with so little experience. I have never seen a color chart or a website. I have seen two other twelve sets but do not feel the urge to buy them. If anyone has anything good to say about this marker I am truly interested. 

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