Deqtiq Twin Tip Markers

Some facts:

  • Double ended: a chisel nib and a fine nib
  • 120 colors
  • US manufactured inks and Japanese made nibs
This is a really bad marker. I do not have anything good to say about them. They are difficult to blend and become very grainy when they dry. Its normal for a marker to change value but some of the color change hue as well as value when they dry. 

Some markers became completely dry after only one or two drawings and I have had problems with pen leaking.

            You can se how the black marker run out 
          (and this is only the second drawing I have made with a lot of blacks) 
               and I hade some leaking on this drawing (you can see it over the dogs head).  
Deqtiq marker on marker paper.  
Deqtiq Twin Tip Marker
Deqtiq´s bag 

They have this look as so many others markers. Except for these three brands that I own there are also old Ironlak Strikers, Potentate Marker, Twin-Graffix Marker (Monstercolors), Master Art Markers, Bishi Alcohol Marker and Comix Graphic Markers that all have the same look. 

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