Maxon Twin Marker

Some facts:
  • They have a chisel nib and a fine nib
  • From Japan
…that’s all I know
Maxon Twin Marker
I bought these markers in a little art store in Japan. The store didn’t have that many markers left so I ended up with a lot of dark browns and greys and no skin colors.

Drawing made with 
Maxon Twin Markers 
on Letraset marker paper
The same company also makes another marker “the Comic Twin marker” which I guess has replaced Maxon Twin marker. They are clearly very different markers (you can read about them here:

These are very standard markers. Not overly bad but not particularly good. They don’t respond well to layering or blending. They start to resist next layering after a while, and becoming almost oily (this is more or less noticeably depending on what paper I use).

I haven’t found any information about these markers on the Internet so it would be interesting if someone else hade any experience or/and knowledge about this marker.   

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