Molotow Basic Sketcher

- the disappointment 

Some facts:
  • Double ended,one chisel nib (2-6 mm) and one fine nib (1 mm)
  • 120 colors including a blender
  • From Germany
  • Available in sets and open stock 
Molotow alcohol-based Basic Sketcher 
Molotow 12 set 
This is a well-known brand, specialized on graffiti artist, therefore I expected more. The marker is ok, but the blending ability could be better and a lot of the colors are difficult to layer. They don´t become much darker which normally markers do. They can also become a bit grainy on some paper. The color can however cover quite large area without being streaky. I would not recommend these markers for portraits, but for more “coloring in” drawings they work very well.

Molotow on Koh-I-Noor paper
When I first bought a set of twelve I wasn’t sure what I thought about it so I bought 24 more. I think that unfortunately this is often true; it is difficult to judge a marker if you only own a few, at least if it isn’t an obviously problems with them.

Some of Molotows color

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