Magic marker twin tip

Some facts:
  • Double ended: a chisel nib and a fine nib
  • Old brand from the 60´s
  • Made in Manchester 
  • 150 colors
  • Have a blender
Magic Marker Twin Tip
Magic marker was probably the first marker used as a design tool. You can read more about the history of the marker on the excellent blog “justsomemarkers” and in the book “Marker Magic” by Richard McGarry and Greg Madsen. 

The markers I have is the newer alcohol based one. I bought the portrait set but was very disappointed with it. Most of the colors where not what I expected of a portrait set. They where too dark to work easy with; I think you need a set of light colors for highlights. Also the hues of the colors were a bit strange in my opinion. Then again two of the colors I was promised were replaced with two others. The real problem where however that they changes hue drastically when they dry. This is something I notice in other brands too, but usually that’s only true for one or to colors, not for almost all in one set. Also a slight change may not even be noticed but the magic markers changes hue so much. For example a pinkish color looks almost orange when it’s wet. This makes drawing with Magic Marker a guesswork. It’s like drawing blindfold.  It’s extremely difficult to know what result you will get, but this is only a huge problem doing portraits. When I draw other kinds of motif they work just fine. They never become grainy (at least the markers I got). The blender also works very well.

 The portrait set of Magic Marker
I appreciate the very English names on the colors, such as “Franciscan grey”, “Sherwood green” and “Gothic oak”. Also I have to say that the warm grey are truly warm and very useful for among other things shadows!  

According to Cultpens Magic marker used to be manufacture by Kuretake and their own now existing marker is the old magic marker under Kuretakes label.
It is difficult to draw portraits with magic markers since the hues changes so much, but it also difficult because of the lack of good colors for skin. Maybe it is because the markers have had architects and designers as target groups. A drawing like this is far better to do with Magic Marker. I have used more a “coloring in” method and less a “blending” method in this drawing which is more suited for this marker. 
Magic Marker on Marker paper

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