American Crafts Chromatix Marker

- The poorest one 

Some facts:
  • Chromatix markers have a fine nib and a brush nib
  • Have a blender
  • An easy to understand color system 
  • From American Craft
Chromatix marker
In my opinion this marker is just a disaster. I ordered 19 markers and two of them where dry. A thing like that may happen to any brand but what’s worse: the brush nibs where totally ruined after only a few smaller drawings! The colors look very flat and dull.
They come in set of three in an easy to understand system. You get three values of the same color family. This sound as a good idea but of the six sets I ordered (with tree value each), the “grape set” where the only one that felt as a color match. The black look almost watery, and don’t do as a black at all. After only a few drawings another pen hade dried. And so it continued.

I label this as "a historical marker", but you can stil find them om Amazon, but American Crafts don´t carry them anymore. 

After this drawing (which only is 16x16 cm) the lighter green pen were dry and the brush nib ruined.  The black in the eye are made with another pen. I also used a white gel pen. 
Chromatix marker on marker paper. 
This drawing is very small and still I hade problems to cover the area with ink. Also I disliked that I could not get better contrast in the hair because of the lack of rich dark colors. 
Chromatix marker on marker paper. 

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