- The plagiary

Some facts:

  • A Copic plagiary
  • Double ended, one brush nib and a bullet tip (fine tip) at the other.
  • They have also got a Copic ciao plagiary
  • Have a blender
  • They have random number for each colors but no name 
  • Used to go under the name: Fineclour

The bag that I receive with the markers is a Touch plagiary. 

This marker is an obvious plagiarism on Copic, even if they do point out very clear that they are not Copic (at least on eBay where I bought this).  The ink is a bit grainy on most paper and doesn’t blend well. They also lack good skin colors and lighter colors. Some colors are strange looking and make you wonder what went wrong. I got a feeling that the makers of these markers where in a hurry because there are two colors with the same numbers but they are different colors. 

I do like that the cap looks different on each side of the marker so you will know, or more specific, you can feel which side that have a fine nib and which side that have a chisel nib.
A drawing made with Finecolours on Canson Illustration paper 

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