On The Run 830 Graphic Twin Tipped Markers

- The unappreciated

Some facts:
  • They have had at least two different alcohol based markers: Graphic Twin (OTR 830) and Sketch Twin (OTR 850). The first one has a broad nib and a fine nib. The last one has a round barrel and I believe it also have a super small fine nib.
  • 132 colors
  • Have a blender
  • Made in Germany
  • On The Run makes a lot of graffiti pens and its clear that’s that is their indented audience. 
  • www.ontherun.de
  • www.ontherun.de/blog
On The Run marker
On The Run "Downtown" 
and "Uptown" set

The warm grey
These markers are hard to find nowadays. The first set I bought of these markers, where a set of twelve called “warm greys”. It is a strange set. They have warm greys from 0,5 to 9, but the number 1 and 2 are totally different from the rest. They are light yellow. 

The ink
These markers blend just fine but the colors are a bit dull. Even though it might not be the best marker ever produced I still think this marker deserves a better faith then to disappear from the market. 
On The Run drawing

On The Run drawing
OTR colors

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