Blick Studio

Some facts:
  • They have a broad nib and a fine nib, or you can choose one with a broad nib and a brush nib (they are new for 2015).
  • 95 colors including a blender
  • The art shop Dickblick’s own marker 
Blick Studio
The ink
This marker are not the queen of markers. The colors are dull and when you blend them they get easily patchy (depending on what paper you use). But with that said, I like how they never get grainy. The ink always has a clear appearance (when it isn´t blended).

The colors
For a marker with so few colors to choose between I am very disappointed how similar and sometimes exactly the same, two different colors can look. For an example the color “Stone” and “Latte” looks the same. Some colors changes hue (and value, but that’s more or less true for all brands) but most colors actually looks exactly the same when they are wet as well as when they have dried. A lot of the colors looks very cold. The warm greys looks more like a cold grey, almost a little bit lilac. Some colors also "dived" themselves if you cover a larger area, for an example the color "Periwinkle" gets pink traces in it. You can se what I mean in the picture below.  Most of the colors looks dull and flat. The black is one of the poorest black I have in my collections of markers. 
The color "Periwinkle", "Sand" and "Camel" all share the same problem. They "dived" themselves into two colors.  
The nibs
The chisel nib is a little bit different from other chisel nibs. It seems a little bit more flat then other chisel nibs. To get an even stroke you have to keep it upright more then what is comfortable.

The colors system 
Drawing made with Blick 
Studio on Schoellershammer paper
They don’t have a number system, they use names though and they are quite unique: like “green tomato”. They seldom use classical names. However they have a lot of not all names in common with Prismacolors marker (and pencils). They use both number and a percent system for the scale of the greys. 

Like most of Blick colors, the black is a dull and weak color.

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