ZIG Kurecolor

Some facts:
They have four different choices:
  • Zig Kurecolor kc 500 is a single tip marker with a chisel nib
  • Zig kurecolor kc1100 that is a twin marker with a chisel nib and a fine nib. The barrel is very thick and holds a lot of ink
  • Zig kurecolor kc3000 is the same as the kc1100 but slimmer barrel and holds less ink
  • Zig kurecolor CNKC 2200 is new (2012) with a brush nib and a fine nib in a long and thin barrel   
Three of Kuretake´s four different markers 
  • Made in Japan by Kuretake
  • 135 colors
  • They have a blender
  • They are refillable and have replaceable nibs
  • Kuretakeshop.co.uk
  • Kuretakezig.blogspot.se
  • They are also on Facebook and Twitter
  • Kuretake founded 1902
  • Exist on Wikipedia (as the company Kuretake)
Kurecolor replacement nibs
and stickers for the barrel

A drawing made with Kurecolor 
on Letraset marker paper

They recently expanded their color chart with many colors that had been much needed before, such as skin colors. They also introduced a brush nib marker.

If you like greys this is the marker for you. Only Copic have more greys to choose between which is no surprise since they have so many color, but Kurecolor is second best even though they only have 135 colors. They have the almost mandatory warm greys and cool greys but with eleven grads. Then they also have five green greys and five blue greys and at least twelve other greys. 

The colors can become a bit dull 
and flat but sometimes it can be 
effective if thats what you looking for. 
The ink never gets grainy but can appear a bit flat and dull.  The colors don´t look so transparent, some times they even look a bit opaque. There are colors, in my opinion, that look a bit strange, but a bigger problem is that some colors changes hue when they dry which makes it difficult to use them for example portraits. It’s not as bad as Magic Marker, but it’s challenging since the problem is most obvious on skin colors.
Kurecolor refill

The color system is a bit special. They divided the colors into nine color groups that they call: basic, brilliant, natural, dull, pale, deep, grey colors, cool greys and warm greys. Some of the names are a bit unusual like the Blood red, Alice blue and English rose.

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